About Us

Yoel Bakas, left, and his father, Oded, are the driving force behind DeliverEase of Greenwich

DeliverEASE began in May 1998 with the simple realization that we could help busy people by running their errands for them. It was a chance to relieve some of the pressure, anxiety and distraction that can easily crowd out more important and enjoyable activities. DeliverEASE has grown since then, making around 120,000 deliveries during our 20 years in business. Over that time, we’ve collected plenty of success stories and forged strong relationships with loyal customers.



A graduate of Harvard Business School, Oded has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. Oded created and owned a chain of toy stores and a small publishing firm of children’s books, which he operated for many years. In 1998, after Oded sold those businesses, he and his son founded DeliverEASE in Greenwich, Connecticut. DeliverEASE is still a family-run business, and Oded personally runs many of the errands.

Oded Bakas, Owner and Founder

While attending the University of Rochester and juggling a heavy course load, Yoel discovered that not owning a car made it very difficult to grab a quick meal or pick up a prescription. From this frustration, the idea of a service that could run errands for people was born. When he returned home after his freshman year in 1998, Yoel and his father created DeliverEASE, and they have been servicing the greater Greenwich community ever since. Yoel remains engaged in the business in a consulting role.

Yoel Bakas, Founder


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